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Please arrive about 30 minutes before your scheduled time!

Performance times are approximate! :)


 9:00 AM  Brett Storm

 9:06 AM  Paige Reilly

 9:12 AM  Julia Klassen

 9:18 AM  luciana covarrubias

 9:24 AM  Sophia Grisamore

 9:30 AM  Susan Crumbley

 9:36 AM  Zachary Mueller

 9:42 AM  Olivia Hoffman

 9:48 AM  Gabriella Sloan

 9:54 AM  Anya Vikram

10:00 AM  Milan Carlson

10:06 AM  Elena Davis

10:12 AM  Indiana Mckenna

10:18 AM  Jadyn Coleman

10:24 AM  Sunagsha Suresh

10:30 AM  Ananya Rajanala

10:36 AM  Pamela Bastian

10:42 AM  Sophie Thompson

10:48 AM  Caroline Grant

10:54 AM  Anna Fischer

11:00 AM  Molly Wise

11:06 AM  Peyton Medina

11:12 AM  Tessa Moulinet

11:18 AM  Addison Muck

11:24 AM  Xiola Amador-Locher

11:30 AM  Nitika Mohnot

11:36 AM  Karson Widner

11:42 AM  Tierney King

11:48 AM  Sasha Coito

11:54 AM  Eliana Murphy

12:00 PM  Adelyn Biondi

12:06 PM  Grace Mondrow

12:12 PM  Brooke Kessler

12:18 PM  Ashlyn Story


 9:00 AM  William Iannitelli

 9:06 AM  Colleen Raza

 9:12 AM  Regan Fowler

 9:18 AM  Danae Levin

 9:24 AM  Zoe williams

 9:30 AM  Avigail Liberman

 9:36 AM  Emmabeth Newman

 9:42 AM  Michaela Graves

 9:48 AM  Tyler Singleton

 9:54 AM  Avigayl Moquin

10:00 AM  Rhianna Saini

10:06 AM  Zoe Zaman

10:12 AM  Leigha Massey

10:18 AM  Katherine Schelling

10:24 AM  Kathryn Schanen

10:30 AM  Ava Glass

10:36 AM  Ava Downie

10:42 AM  Darby Chalfant

10:48 AM  Cecily Winzer

10:54 AM  Mckenzie Jepson

11:00 AM  Ally bonds

11:06 AMI  sabella Famiglietti

11:12 AMI  sabella Torres

11:18 AM  Matthew Bynes

11:24 AM  Rishika Baweja

11:30 AM  Ava Katacic

11:36 AM  Julia Podzemny

11:42 AM  Emery Warner

11:48 AM  Bess Estrada

11:54 AM  Mila Rostohar

12:00 PM  Mikhael Ford

12:06 PM  Ava Gomez

12:12 PM  Chloe DeCou

12:18 PM  Saanvi Seth

LTISD Solo/Ensemble Contest  -  SATURDAY - April 27th



If your plans have changed, and you will no longer be singing at the contest, PLEASE send and email to Amy@AmyZeller.com as SOON as possible so that we can be prepared.

PLEASE double check your time...we've adjusted a little bit as we found out about cancellations.

Arrival and Process:


You may start arriving at 8:45 am in the choir room!  Please use the band hall entrance!

If a student does not sing until later, they should arrive at least 30 minutes before their "performance time." These times are not exact, but will give you an idea of when you will sing.

Teachers, if you are planning on attending, please arrive by 8:30am.


  1. Arrive at the LTMS Choir Room at least 30 minutes prior to your performance time. (we might be running early!)

  2. Group Warm Up (if you want it) will be between 8:45 am and 9:00 am

  3. Check in at the Choir Room with the monitor

  4. Wait in the Choir Room until called.

  5. A Runner will come and get you from the Choir Room

  6. The Music Helper will make sure you have your score sheet/book and walk you to your room

  7. Wait outside the room until room monitor calls you

  8. Your voice teacher can be in your room when you sing

  9. Give the judge your book/sheet

  10. Announce your name and song title

  11. Sing!

  12. Return to the choir room and wait for your score to be posted (15-30 minutes)

  13. Get your medal/ribbon!

  14. You may leave when you are done singing! You don't have to wait! Results will be posted online at LTMSchoir.com



Students do not need to wear their choir uniform, but they should look nice! Please, no shorts and T-shirts.


Warm Up:

Students will be led through a warm up after they arrive in the morning. They will also go through the process of walking in, handing the judge the original copy and score sheet, standing on the X, and saying name/song/composer.  If you arrive later in the morning, you will be in charge of your own warm up.



We will have 2 rooms running with an accompanist, CD player/speaker, a judge, and a monitor. The room is just down the hall from the choir room (where all students will wait)

A runner will go to the choir room and get the students they need. The student will stand outside the room and wait their turn to sing. Teachers are in charge of making sure the student has their original score (with measures numbered) and score sheet. 

When called by the room monitor the student will go into the room from the hallway, hand the original score to the judge and perform.

Only the judge, accompanist, student, and voice teacher will be allowed in the room.

The HS runner will come in intermittently and pick up the score sheets from the judges so that the scores can be posted in the choir room where students can wait.